Channel the freewheeling spirit of the 90's - slip into some Old Skools, and embrace the ease of skate style, with plenty of cheeky touches to boot. Here's a little look into the skate world of Jullz Bek and where she gets her inspiration from.



Age: 23


I’m studying Film in Middlesex University and working as an Artist Manager at Things By People.

What does a typical day in your life involve? 
I usually wake up by 8 am and get all my uni/ work things done. Send out emails, finalize projects etc. In the late noon is when I pursue my personal projects, create mood boards, finish scripts and plan shoot dates. 

How long have you lived in the Middle East?
I’ve lived in Dubai almost all my life, about 19 years now.

Which are your 3 favourite places in the city?
Deira, Qusais and fahidi are gems, the places I’m most familiar with. I’m always lurking around those spaces. 

How do you portray your personality through your clothes?
It’s really about the type of mood I’m in. I think clothes are best way to convey who you are without saying a word. A lot of times I wear shirts with my favorite movies/ bands on it. And other times I just put random things I like together. 

If you were to pick 3 favourite pieces from your wardrobe, what would they be? Star Wars: Episode IV t-shirt, moms burgandy corduroy trousers and anything that's pastel pink. 


Describe your style in 3 words
Colorful, funky and retro 

Which brands are your go-to?

Don’t really have a go to brand, I’ll fish out something from different places that match what I want. I do love the clothes unif and Lazy oafs have, would go broke buying things from there. 

Where do you and your friends find inspiration in the city, fashion or otherwise?

Most my friends have a completely different vibe from me, and thats awesome. I think we find inspiration from each other. They’ll show me places I haven’t been to before and vice versa. We always try to find new places in the city for inspiration. 

How does living in the Middle East enable you to express your individuality?

It’s always cool to experience another culture, but that has also reminded me to go back to my own roots and individuality. This place encourages that 

How did it feel to be a part of the SYS campaign?

Felt great that someone thought I had my style together lol. It was an awesome experience seeing everyone express their styles and personalities 



INSIDE/OUT: Saufeeya Goodson

INSIDE/OUT: Saufeeya Goodson